Long-Range Airport Physical and Commercial Master Plan

Qeshm Island Airport

Qeshm, Iran

On behalf of the Qeshm Free Area Authority, LEAPP developed a long range Airport Master Plan for the International Airport serving the Qeshm Free Trade Zone located on Qeshm Island in the Straits of Hormuz. Existing airport facilities and operations were reviewed and requirements identified for future airport expansion necessary to support commercial and industrial development of Free Trade Zone on the Island. Planning for the airport lands was based on accommodating extensive commercial and industrial development over a very long period. As a follow-on to the Master Plan, LEAPP undertook a commercial review and financial modelling for possible commercial activities and concessions that might be attracted to the Island under a tax free arrangement for foreign investment. In anticipation of contracting the airport out to private sector investors for development of facilities and for management and operations, LEAPP developed all of the necessary private sector bidding documents and contracts, and managed the process of soliciting and evaluating private sector bids for a BOT Airport Development & Management Concession to develop the airport over a 20-year period.


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Qeshm Island Airport Iran

Qeshm Island Airport

Long-Range Airport Physical and Commercial Master Plan

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