New Apron Risk Assessment

Dubai Department of Civil Aviation

Dubai Int'l Airport, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

LEAPP was appointed by the Dubai Department of Civil Aviation to carry out a risk assessment for a new aircraft parking apron constructed under the approach and take-off areas for the airport's South Runway. The apron had been planned and constructed as a full service remote apron for aircraft parking and servicing, with the intention that it also be used for passenger loading and unloading. The use of the apron for aircraft refuelling and for passenger handling had been of concern to the airport management due to its location beneath the approach and take-off for the runway, and consequent exposure to risk in the event of an aircraft over-run, or take-off accident. LEAPP carried out a full hazard identification and risk assessment for all of the identified hazards to determine whether the risk to persons on the apron during aircraft servicing and passenger handling operations would be within tolerable limits to permit these operations to continue when the South Runway is active. As a result of this risk assessment airport procedures were developed to manage the assessed risk so as to ensure safety of aircraft operations.


Dubai International Airport United Arab Emirates
Dubai Int'l Airport
United Arab Emirates

Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport Aerodrome Manual and Safety Management System

Dubai Department of Civil Aviation United Arab Emirates
Dubai Int'l Airport
United Arab Emirates

Dubai Department of Civil Aviation

New Apron Risk Assessment

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