National Civil Aviation Development Planning and Civil Aviation Dept. Restructuring

Department of Civil Aviation


As part of a project commissioned by the ICAO Technical Cooperation Bureau, LEAPP staff reviewed the functions, operations and staffing of the Botswana Civil Aviation Authority and inspected all of the air navigation, communications, and airports infrastructure operated by the Authority throughout Botswana. Objectives of the project were to:

  • Determine the required roles and functions of the Civil Aviation Department;
  • Review the DCA organisation structure and staffing at DCA Headquarters in Gabarone, and at DCA airports
  • Define possible future scenarios for the restructuring of DCA into a parastatal Civil Aviation Authority (CAAB), with greater autonomy and commercial focus;
  • Determine possible structures to separate civil aviation regulation from operations;
  • Establish future staffing requirements as well as capital and operating budgets for the restructured organisation;
  • Determine national strategy towards development of civil aviation operations and infrastructure;
  • Determine future requirements for air traffic services, airports, telecommunications, and aviation ground services.
The study proposed a new organisation structure to create a Civil Aviation Authority that encompasses civil aviation regulation and operation of the air navigation system. Operation of the airports was incorporated within the new structure as an interim measure until devolution of certain airports might be considered in the future. The new Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana became active in late 2009 taking over the role and most of the staff of DCA. As part of a broader strategic review of civil aviation in Botswana, LEAPP staff inspected all of the national airports of Botswana, determined deficiencies and requirements, and defined a programme for upgrading the airports, air traffic services and telecommunications based on a vision of future needs and expansion.


Department of Civil Aviation Botswana


Department of Civil Aviation

National Civil Aviation Development Planning and Civil Aviation Dept. Restructuring

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