National Civil Aviation Plan

Government of Uganda


LEAPP staff were instrumental in creating the National Civil Aviation Development Plan for Uganda, which was sponsored by ICAO’s Technical Cooperation Branch. This involved determining a strategic direction for development of civil aviation in Uganda, which formed the basis for National Civil Aviation Development Plan.

Based upon the ICAO format for national civil aviation planning, the national plan for Uganda was aimed at establishing requirements for civil aviation development over a 20-year period to reflect anticipated air transport growth, and setting these requirements into a framework of investment priorities. The project entailed:

  • Review of Uganda Civil Aviation Authority administration and operations
  • Review of all international bilateral air service agreements
  • Inspection of infrastructure for ATC and air navigation services
  • Inspection of airport infrastructure
  • Classification of airports in Uganda
  • Forecast of future air traffic activity (aircraft, passengers and cargo)
  • Review of air transport development scenarios
  • Preparation of a comprehensive document defining the National Civil Aviation Development Plan
The product of the National Civil Aviation Development Plan provided Uganda, and the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, with a National Air Transport Plan, a National Airspace Plan, a National Airports Plan, and a National Plan for Administration of Civil Aviation by the UCAA for the future.


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