National Transport Strategy Study, Air Sector Study Review and National Planning

Asian Development Bank


As part of a broader National Transport Strategy project commissioned by the Asian Development Bank, LEAPP staff were responsible for studying the Philippines air sector in all its components. This involved a review of air transport routes, services and equipment, interpretation of the national air traffic forecast, and planning for a rationalisation of air transport network within the country. Based on future air transport service requirements, the upgrading and development needs of airports in Philippines were determined. In support of the project, LEAPP staff inspected and reviewed the state and compliance with standards of international, regional and feeder airports throughout the country. An airports classification system was created to establish a logical basis for assessing international aid requests for new airports and for airport upgrading projects. Requirements for airport development and expansion were identified and prioritised to reflect both the commercially-viable air transport needs as well as the social/economic needs for air transport linkages into remote areas. As part of the national planning for supporting infrastructure and services the requirements and priorities for upgrading the national air traffic services and air navigation functions of Air Transportation Office were also addressed.


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Asian Development Bank

National Transport Strategy Study, Air Sector Review and National Planning

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Asian Development Bank

National Transport Strategy Study, Air Sector Study Review and National Planning

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